Are parents responsible for educational success of their kids? part 3

The study “Bildung, Milieu, Migration” (Education, milieu, migration), conducted at the university of Düsseldorf, Germany, shows: Persons with migration background lose precious lifetime on their journay through the German education system. Through the whole course of education the potential of children with migration background is underestimated in a systematic manner.

The study shows clearly that parents with migration background often take on great efforts to offer their children best opportunities in education. But they often meet their limits. Many do not only lack the financial means necessary for support offers like tutoring. But they also lack the knowledge how they can help their kids in school optimally. Many of these parents want more support. Read a summary of the study on

Further reading:

Yilmaz, E., Relikowski, I. & Blossfeld, H.-P. (2011). Bildungsziele von Migrantenfamilien. Die Grundschulzeitschrift, 248-249, 6-8.

Relikowski, I., Yilmaz, E. & Blossfeld, H.-P. (2012). Wie lassen sich die hohen Bildungsaspirationen von Migranten erklären? Eine Mixed-Methods Studie zur Rolle von Bildungsdifferenzen, Informationsdefiziten und antizipierter Diskriminierung. In: R. Becker, H. Solga (Hrsg.), Soziologische Bildungsforschung, Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie.

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