Success in rankings and a strategy of diversity – mutually exclusive?

InsideHigherEd reports: “Syracuse University, which suffered on college ranking lists as it admitted more poor and minority students who didn’t necessarily have the grades and SAT scores of other applicants, is looking to reverse that rankings slide under its incoming chancellor. Outgoing Chancellor Nancy Cantor famously ignored and repeatedly criticized the “volatility and mystery” of college rankings, which she said were designed to sell magazines, namely U.S. News World Report. While other presidents fretted about rankings, Cantor said she ignored them as she launched an ambitious and controversial effort to increase the economic and racial diversity of students at Syracuse. It worked. Now that vision for Syracuse, which was wrapped in idealistic language and criticized as a liberal experiment gone awry, may be curbed as Cantor leaves Syracuse for a job at Rutgers University. Incoming Chancellor Kent Syverud plans to pay attention to rankings, though what he will do to change them and how that will affect the complexion of campus remains to be seen. Read more on InsideHigherEd

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