When is diversity relevant to studying?

Higher education institutions are highly diverse internally. By internationalisation, by different cultures shaped by the disciplines and also by societal change in the last decades, especially massification of HE, diversity in HE grew steadily. At the same time, there is a tendency of HEI to create homogeneity: Disciplines influence the processes of selection and self-selection.  Rigorous selection and long phases of apprenticeship in research and science make staff adjust and adapt to the insitution and its culture. But also among students this is visible: The high demands – not only of performance, but also of investments of time and money – result in a still rather specific selectivity. Our expectations of “normal students” might mean that being different might be relevant in your studies, i.e. might affect study success.

And I have the pleasure to talk about all these issues on Wednesday in Linz, Austria! I have the honor to be invited to speak at one event of the series “ExpertInnenforum Hochschuldidaktik” of FH Oberösterreich.

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