Contradictions between saying and doing.

One thing that I cannot get out of my mind is this:

If we would summarise the values that we and teachers and schools want to teach our children, it would be:

Team work, cooperation. Fairness. How to solve conflicts. Being able to create an environment that everybody can enjoy. Value roots, celebrate traditions, and not only those of the majority.

I’m not saying that all schools, all teachers everywhere are successful in doing that, I’m saying that today, there are only few who see bullying as a means of promoting values in a school any more – which they did, look it up. Schools today often try to learn more about traditions and rituals elsewhere. They work hard to reflect the social diversity of their students.

And the opposite of that is what came out as victorious in Brexit: Don’t cooperate. Despise compromise. Assume that your national priorities are more important than anything else. Focus on the outcome, not the process – no matter what.






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